Walk around the natural corners and places of interest on the island following the signposted routes classified by difficulty, duration and area.


Guaza Cliff

It can be done walking from Aguamar. Of great geological and botanical richness. A 4 km route of medium difficulty.


Punta de Rasca

Of historical and botanical importance. 6.5 km route without difficulty. Starting point 10 minutes by car from Aguamar.


Yellow Mountain

Of great geological interest and with hardly any difficulty. Route 5.5 km. On the coast of the municipality of San Miguel, 10 minutes by car from Aguamar.


Roque del Conde

Panoramic views after a walk through vegetation of medium difficulty and with quite a slope. Route 6 km. Starting point 5 min. drive from Aguamar.


Red Mountain

A protected natural area of great geological, botanical, historical and landscape importance. 6 km of easy walking. Starting point 20 minutes from Aguamar.


Abades - Tajao

Route along the coast of geological and scenic interest. 6.5 km route of low difficulty. Starting point 15 minutes by car from Aguamar.


Los Gigantes

Path of great scenic, geological and botanical interest with panoramic views. High degree of difficulty. 8 km of route. At 20 min by car from Aguamar.


Chinyero Volcano

Of particular geological importance and little difficulty. Route 4.5 km. Starting point 40 minutes by car from Aguamar.


Barranco del Río

Of botanical and hydrological interest. Quite difficult. Route: 10.7 km (if we go in 4 x 4 it is 9.6 km). Starting point 35 min from Aguamar.


Barranco del Infierno

Of botanical and geological interest is a route of average difficulty of about 6 km. Of limited affluence it is necessary to ask for appointment in the telephone: 00 34 922 78 28 55. Starting point 10 min from Aguamar.


Barranco de Masca

Of scenic and botanical interest. A 5 km route (one way) of medium difficulty through the Barranco de Masca to the beach where some companies offer boat pick-up upon request.


of Teide

Of great geological and scenic interest. 5 km of low difficulty. Starting point about 45 min. drive from Aguamar


Al Teide

Here you will find the best excursions in Tenerife with departures from different points of the island with which to enjoy Teide, by day or at sunset, in small groups or exclusively for you and whoever you decide. Also, if you stay in Santa Cruz or stop over during your cruise, take a look at our essential excursions with departures from the capital.

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