Aquatic Leisure

Water leisure has a great capacity of attraction among the family public, especially among the youngest, who have a decisive role when choosing a holiday destination.


Aqua marina

It is one of the oldest diving centres in the Canary Islands. Ideal for groups, single people and families who are looking for a pleasant and relaxed but professional atmosphere. By keeping groups small during guided dives and courses, we create a close and personalised atmosphere between our clients and our diving team.

Tenerife Diving Center

Your holiday in Tenerife will never be truly complete without diving in the brilliant blue waters of the Tenerife coast. The warm waters around the island are full of schools of multicoloured fish and exotic species of marine life, so snorkelling and diving are some of the most fun and exciting activities during your holiday in Tenerife.


Surf School

offers surfing lessons for all ages and levels of surfing! They don’t care if you are a child or an adult, inexperienced or a great surfer! With them you will find your surf lesson. They have the boards you need for different levels and conditions and also individual advice for further learning.


Tenerife Dolphin

Live a unique experience. Their Royal Delfin catamaran has 50 INCH UNDERWATER PANORAMIC WINDOWS, a luxury for the eyes of any person for the sighting of cetaceans, in a journey where we can see the greatest diversity of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in Europe under water, in freedom and in their natural habitat.

Boat fishing


Come with us to fish and enjoy a day at sea. Their crew on board the Yacht Neptune will take you and guide you to fish in the sea. As we head to our fishing grounds, you will practice “Currica” or trolling, on our coastline famous for the existence of species such as Marlin and Tuna. Once in the fishing grounds and for a couple of hours, we will do some bottom fishing, where we will catch native species such as brecca, bogas or palometas.


Aqua Club Thermal

Aqua Club Termal is a temple of sensations and experiences available to everyone with unique and innovative treatments in an exclusive environment. Their Spa is located in one of the best tourist areas of Tenerife, specifically in the Costa Adeje area in the south of Tenerife. They have a large and qualified team of professionals such as physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, experts in traditional and alternative therapies, masseurs, beauticians, ready to cover all your health, wellbeing and beauty needs. Their thermal circuit will delight you like no other spa in Tenerife.



Amidst warm thermal waters from the sea, this Thalassotherapy centre offers a Thermal Circuit, where their team of specialists will assist you to enjoy and achieve the real benefits that this place offers.

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