Museum of

Nature and Archaeology

The museum has a large collection of Guanche mummies that visitors can see in a special room that has the latest technology for their conservation. The youngest members of the family will have fun in this museum walking among the life-size models of different animal species that inhabit the Canary Islands.


Science and the Cosmos

The aim of these museums is to communicate science, using all available means to do so, especially interactivity and experimentation in multidisciplinary environments that enhance the recreational aspects and perception and analysis of reality, with real objects but also with multimedia tools.


History and Anthropology

The Museum aims to offer, through its collections, exhibitions and activities, a wider and richer vision of the history and culture of the island of Tenerife. With this orientation, the Museum has the vocation of being a place for historical memory and reflection on contemporary culture, to think about the past and remember the present of the Island.


of the Canary Islands and America

The Canary Islands and America Documentation Centre (CEDOCAM) is a specialised information unit whose main mission is to promote cultural relations and elements of common identity between the Canary Islands and America. Its fundamental pillars are the strengthening of research and the enrichment of the documentary and bibliographic heritage.


Military History and Culture

With an exhibition area of more than 900 m2, it represents the materialization of the Military History of the Canary Islands. Its exterior strength, a faithful reflection of the architecture of the end of the 19th century, combines stone and the first hydraulic concrete of the Canary Islands.


Fine Arts

The Municipal Museum of Fine Arts has fourteen rooms housing works dating from the 16th to the 20th century. The building is classicist and was built at the beginning of 1929 by the architect Eladio Laredo.



Among its collections are an interesting collection of aboriginal ceramics and other valuable utensils, Guanche mummified remains, 17th century maps, collections of butterflies, weapons, wood from the public mountains of the Canary Islands, etc. One of the jewels of the museum is Guatimac, a small Guanche clay idol.


Ibero-American Crafts of Tenerife

Whose main objective is to make known the artisan reality of Latin America in an immediate and tangible way, creating a large permanent exhibition, representative of all the Latin American crafts, both current and disappeared, paying special attention to the Canary Islands crafts.

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