Having a holiday is as important as being able to dream

In Aguamar the interest in quality is part of our DNA; that is why, thinking about it and so that nothing escapes us, we have created an almost magical work system that helps us to know the wishes of our clients improving our work day by day; it allows us to give the best of ourselves with only one aim: that our guests feel satisfied.

We believe that life is beautiful and must be enjoyed fully and that having a holiday is as important as being able to dream. We do our bit to improve people’s lives and to take care of this part of the planet, Tenerife, where we are lucky enough to be.

For all these reasons we have made the following commitments:

  • To offer the client an adequate service so that they can enjoy a pleasant stay with us, wishing to repeat their experience.
  • Involve our staff in the Quality Management System by making them participants in the analysis of results and subsequent search for solutions
  • To offer information and training to the staff for an optimal performance of their professional activities
  • Maintain teamwork by increasing the efficiency of employees in all areas and levels
  • Comply with all applicable legislation in force
  • Collaborate in the preservation of the environment through management that contributes to reducing environmental impact
  • To meet the commitments made to our partners and to prioritise the path of long-term collaboration
  • Continuous improvement of our work processes in order to reduce costs caused by lack of foresight or errors in our organization
  • To have initiatives and be receptive to collaborate with NGOs in our environment
  • Continuously improve our Quality Management System