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We offer you free cancellation. You can cancel your reservation with us free of charge up to 24 hours before the date of arrival and if you have to cancel at the last minute, we will only apply one night’s stay as cancellation fees. Contact TF: 00 34 922 794 861

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Providing safe and clean environments for our customers and employees has always been of paramount importance to us; now, as an extraordinary prevention against covid-19, we have reinforced all the health safety programmes and following the protocols of the ICTE, UNE 0066-2, we have adapted our facilities and services with the following protection measures so that you can enjoy your holidays fully and without worries:

 Our Professionals

  • – Specific training in prevention and in the application of new working procedures.
  • – Equipment/installation of personal protection equipment/elements
  • – Daily monitoring of body temperature
  • – Mandatory use of mask and frequent hand disinfection
  • – Implementation of social distance measures


  • – Temperature control on arrival
  • – Installation of protective screens
  • – Minimising paper usage
  • – Digitised information
  • – Prioritisation of contactless payment systems
  • – Disinfection of equipment, keys and magnetic cards after each use.


  • – Exhaustive cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and textile elements with approved virucidal disinfectants.
  • – Increased cleaning and disinfection of more frequently used areas
  • – Laundry and textile washing programmes that guarantee total disinfection
  • – Reinforced natural ventilation
  • – Cleaning and maintenance service in the absence of the client in the same room.
  • – Disposal of cleaning materials after each use.
  • – “Sealing service” downtime in the flat before the guest’s arrival. Offered upon reservation and subject to availability.

 Common Areas

  • – Signalling of flows and social distance
  • – Reduction of maximum capacity
  • – Necessary to use a mask
  • – Communication of basic protection rules by means of posters
  • – Supply of disinfectant hydrogel in all areas
  • – Increased daily cleaning and disinfection frequency
  • – Increased natural ventilation
  • – Arrangement at the entrance of the disinfectant rug

 Swimming pool

  • – Exhaustive water quality control and solarium disinfection
  • – Frequent cleaning and disinfection of high contact surfaces
  • – Disinfection of hammocks with specific products after each use
  • – Redistribution of furniture according to safety distance
  • – Assisted accommodation for the use of hammocks
  • – Use of mask necessary for transit in the solarium area


  • – In-depth cleaning and disinfection of kitchenware and facilities
  • – Frequent disinfection of shared items
  • – Disinfection of tables and chairs with viricidal products after each use
  • – Reduction of shared objects
  • – Redistribution of furniture according to safety distance
  • – Assisted seating for table use
  • – Necessary use of mask to transit in these spaces
  • – Use of hand sanitizer at the entrance and before the use of shared objects.
  • – Prioritization of table service whenever the concurrence allows it

Information you may need

Due to the special situation caused by the pandemic and depending on the circumstances in each period, some of our services may not be available at all times or prior reservation may be necessary for the use of some of our facilities, please do not hesitate to consult us in case you need detailed information.

Smoking is not allowed and the use of a mask is compulsory in all common areas except when sitting at the table eating or drinking, lying in the hammock or bathing in the pool.

Travel requirements

  1. If you are travelling from outside Spain, you must complete and sign the declaration of responsibility established by the authorities, which can be found at the following link:

    The airline or shipping company will also make it available to you and you must hand it in to the company, completed and signed.

  2. A health check will be carried out at the airport consisting of taking a temperature (fever is understood to be a body temperature of 37.5ºC or higher) and a visual check for the absence of symptoms.
  3. If you are travelling from outside the Canary Islands, during the check-in in Aguamar, all visitors over 6 years old must present a diagnostic test of active infection by COVID-19 with negative result made in the 72 hours previous to their arrival.
  4. It is compulsory to download and keep active during your stay on the islands, as well as the 15 days immediately after your return to your place of origin, the mobile application for COVID RADAR infection alert.


  5. In any case, it is essential that you consult the conditions of your operator or airline before travelling to the Canary Islands.


You will find all the updated information at:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have any questions: